More Zombies: The Tanner Of Tattoos

25 May


The latest book in the aZure Tribe Zombie Apocalypse has been released on Amazon!

Skinner smiled, “The ones I track are not far away. I can share my revenge with you.”

Flint’s brows raised, “Revenge. I like that.”

They were responsible for creating this world of the undead.” Skinner checked his gun. “Yet they still live.”

Miles and his friends left the city behind as they cross the wilderness to the Azure mountain. They search for meaning and salvation from the apocalypse they began. Can they locate the cure mapped for them in paltry clues left by the dead? What horrors await them on their travels across the transformed landscape. The hungry dead, survivors, and the wilderness itself.

Find out in The Tanner of Tattoos, the fourth book of The Dead and Tattooed – LA Series.

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  1. SL Thomson

    December 22, 2015 at 4:23 am

    Hello author J G Smith. I suggested your book Cabernet Zin Box for this week’s Wednesday Wine and A Book on I see you write fantasy and paranormal books. Please consider participating in Writer Spotlight. Its a great way for affordable promotion of your writing or to increase your reviews.


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