MILES OF ZOMBIES – a new zombie apocalypse series

02 Jan


Just Launched!

“The zombies are hungry.” Miles paused and raised his gun at what had once been a pretentious man in a three-piece suit. A corporate executive leading its pack of undead lackeys toward the living. The creature growled over broken teeth. A slick smear of victims splashed its once fine clothes. Miles fired his gun and the creature crumpled to the ground where it only slowed its companions on their climb up their little organization chart. Miles said, “Keep moving, we can hide up ahead.”
Haley pushed her hair back, “Look at how the others come from that store. Shoppers, all of them, with their bags still.”
George waved his hatchet at them, “The new consumer economy –”

In the land of tabloids and paparazzi, tattoo artist Miles Ovation’s shop is overwhelmed with the popularity of the latest pharmaceutical weight-loss fad. The special slow-release tattoo ink just put on the market promises perpetual beauty no matter how long and hard the party burns. The busy tattoo shop keeps Miles’ attention on the task and not dwelling on his grief for the terrible accident that killed his fiancée a year ago.
Panic ruptures outside the tattoo shop as the first victims transform into the ravenous undead. The zombies have a new diet for the living.
Miles flees across the desperate city of Los Angeles with Haley and George but he learns his companions have secrets that dip into the ink’s origin. One of them is even the cause for an obsessive assassin that relentlessly hunts them through the undead world. Filled with anguish for his part in facilitating the spread of this insidious plague, Miles cannot resist the suggestion there could be a cure. Will they find the secret to save the world or a horrific death along the way?
Find out in Miles of Zombies, the first book of The Dead And Tattooed – LA series.

“Yes, George. The zombies are hungry” Miles fired his weapon and opened another office in the zombie organization that came for them.

Books 2 and 3 in this series are complete and will launch in the following weeks.

If you missed it, check out the Prelude to this series. Learn the source of the ink that darkens this world:


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